What is the difference between drivers earpeices ?
Nowadays most of the pro racers have custom molded earpeices since they offer the best noise cancelling features
and comfort.
Generic earpeices are shaped for the average human ear. The soft silicone compound make those very comfortable.
Foam earpeices are cheaper to buy and will fit most of the earshapes and are perfect for moderate noise usage.


Driver Foam earpieces


Generic Medium Silicone Driver Earpeices


Custom Molded Earpeices for Drivers


Driver Earpiece Protective Case


Driver’s helmet kits are assembled with various components for best performances in specific situations.
First option is the Microphone.
Most of microphones used in racing comes from the military M101 style and the GENTEX style dynamic miniature line.
The noise cancelling feature of both models is helping to eliminate incar engine noise . The GENTEX style is very popular due to it’s small size and high efficiency.
Second you have to choose between a straight or coiled cord cable from the helmet to the incar harness connector.
The actual trend is for coil cords in order to give more freedom of movement to the helmet.
we beleive straight cords are safer during an emergency exit from the race car since the helmet will unplug itself
in the process.

F1 Balaclava Mic Helmet Kit

Full Face Helmet Kit IMSA Connector STRAIGHT Cord

Full Face Helmet Kit NASCAR Connector STRAIGHT Cord

Racing Radios Full Face Helmet Kit With NASCAR Connector

Racing Radios Full Face Helmet Kit With IMSA Connector