F1 Balaclava Mic Helmet Kit


Ultimate F1 style Balavclava microphone Helmet Kit for drivers looking for the best in the business.
Available to mate with IMSA, NASCAR, MRTC, and European incar harnesses.

* involves no modification on Helmet
* F1 approved Balaclava with pocket.
* Military quality Cables
* noise cancelling waterproof microphone
* F1 grade Dust Tight, IP67 Waterproof Connectors
* easely removable microphone for washing.
* Custom Molded earpieces ( ear impressions required )
* Safe Quick Disconnect connector to Incar Harness.

to be used with portable radios only (Motorola and Kenwood)
(Motorola CM200D and XPR series Mobile radios requires harness modification)

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